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[Spoiler] Potential lesbian couple on Marvel’s Runaways


IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Everyone’s favorite rainbow glowing alien, Karolina Dean, finally locked lips with Nico Monoru during the ninth installment of Marvel’s Runaways titled “Doomsday” and it was utter perfection.

Karolina 1.gif

After weeks of covert glances and subtle touches, Karolina showed Nico exactly what she’d been hinting at for weeks. (Is anyone else painfully jealous of Nico in this scene?! I wish Karolina would have kissed me in high school. It would have saved me so many pointless dates with all the Alexs and Chases.)

But Karolina’s confession isn’t unexpected.

The writers have been hinting at a romantic relationship between Nico and Karolina since the pilot. Despite not being friends for years, the girls both happen to be crying in the bathroom and share an uncharacteristically sweet moment. They put aside the years of distance and try to comfort the other. (UGH, talk about building a ship properly)


As the episodes continue, their friendship progresses and it becomes wildly apparent that Karolina is developing “more than friends” feelings for Nico. I mean just check out this sexy side eye.


Keep reading to see the kiss 

Or this near confession of love.

Be with

Karolina is constantly trying to bring herself closer to Nico both physically and mentally. Her feelings for Nico are so glaringly apparent that it’s difficult to miss. Arguably, Nico must have been aware of Karolina’s feelings prior to their kiss. [Gert is all of us in the scene below.]

Nico and K 2.gif

Unfortunately, as many LGBT people tend to, Karolina doesn’t feel comfortable with the world knowing that she’s a lesbian. Instead, she attempts to date Chase but the spark just isn’t there. (Below is actual footage of me kissing all my high school boyfriends. Dead eyes).

Dead eyes

I mean just look at how she hugs Nico (left) versus how she hugs Chase (right).

There’s absolutely no comparing the two. In the first, she’s tenderly stroking Nico’s hair and closes her eyes, cherishing their closeness. In the second, it literally looks like she’s hugging an glacier. It’s icy. 

In addition, Karolina becomes increasingly jealous of Nico’s relationship with Alex Wilder.


She can’t stand seeing them together and, after witnessing the pair share a kiss, looks as if she’s been punched in the stomach. No friend reacts like this to finding their platonic BFF hooking up with their crush.


But Karolina, motivated by the potential end of the world, decides to risk everything and kiss Nico. In a very bold and beautiful moment, Karolina grabs Nico, brings her close and slowly kisses her. The song “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish swells and the fantasy of every single lesbian comes true.

Karolina Kisses NicoI was genuinely shocked at Nico’s response to this kiss. I was certain that she’s spurn Karolina’s advances and claim she was happy with Alex.

Nico kisses back

But instead she pauses. Clearly considers her feelings and then kisses Karolina back for several seconds! She even says, “woah” after breaking apart. (Then Gert and Chase (who just had sex) ruin the perfect moment in a hilarious fashion.

Found out

I haven’t been this happy since Alison told Emily “those kisses weren’t just for practice during PLL’s iconic 100th episode.

You go you lesbian alien queen  <3